The relationships we have with our clients are founded and totally dependent upon trust and reliance. To allow our relationships to flourish, we ensure that all of the work we perform is underpinned by the following principles:


Our role is to propose and realise editorial, creative and management solutions to meet our clients’ communications and business needs. We deliver the highest quality of expertise and work that all of our clients can expect.


Our role is to accommodate and assimilate our clients’ working methods, not to create rigid systems to which clients are forced to adapt. This commitment includes the ability to work closely with our clients, but also with their consultants, subcontractors and agencies in a team dynamic.


At Magnesium, our senior staff will work on your project. Unlike clients of larger media operations, you will never be “passed down the line” to junior staff. Our team is always available for consultation and will always meet your deadline.


Your needs and requirements are our priority and our main focus is to develop and realise your project to your satisfaction. Of course, we have huge amounts of experience and ideas for you to choose from, but we know that we can achieve excellence through intelligent and creative collaboration.