Custom Publishing

What we offer


Magnesium is an end-to-end publishing company that provides a range of design, consultancy and editorial services to maximise the statement you make to your clients. Our services include:

  • marketing communications consultancy
  • innovative ideas
  • structural editing and ideas development
  • writing information text
  • copy editing and proofreading
  • repackaging existing editorial for republication
  • graphic design
  • printing
  • distribution


We can deliver your content from a range of platforms, ensuring your brand is presented in a dynamic and effective way. From ideas to delivery, Magnesium can provide you with the following mediums of communication:

  • books
  • custom magazines
  • e-newsletters
  • digital content
  • digital magazines
  • social media
  • marketing materials
  • conference and promotional material


Magnesium can provide you with a highly experienced team, dedicated to producing excellence. You can expect the team working with you to be comprised of:

  • media consultant
  • production manager
  • publisher/account manager
  • editor
  • designer
  • art director
  • freelance photographers, journalists, illustrators, designers

Why Custom Publishing?

  • communicate impressively with customers
  • faciliate internal communication within organsations
  • receive feedback and promote new products and features
  • customise individual pieces for clients
  • build customer loyalty